Insurance for Making Memories

Fully relax with proper insurance for your recreational vehicles.

Work Hard | Play Hard | Insure Easy

You work hard to be able to have fun. Don't work hard trying to get the right coverage for your recreational vehicles. Burns Insurance can provide coverage for your RV and ATVs that will provide protection so you can focus on making memories.


Whether you’re a rancher, a hunter, or an adventure seeker, make sure you and your all-terrain vehicle (ATV), utility vehicle (UTV), or side-by-side are protected.

It can be expensive to replace an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) if it’s damaged or stolen and there is also the risk that riders and those around them could be injured while operating the ATV. 

If you want to ride in some places, such as a state park, basic ATV insurance is required by law. Most insurance companies cover ATVs under their motorcycle insurance policies, but rates are generally lower for off-road vehicles. If your vehicle is referred to as a UTV, utility vehicle or side-by-side, it is likely considered as an ATV when searching for insurance.


If you plan to take your RV on the road, you may need to purchase special RV insurance to cover you for any damage or injuries you cause and to protect your valuable investment. 

Most states in the U.S. require drivers to at least have liability insurance on their RV, which covers damage or injuries you cause with your vehicle. If you live in a state that requires car insurance, and you have an RV that you drive rather than tow, that requirement applies to your RV as well.

If you have a camper that is a bumper pull, 5th wheel or gooseneck, you can place the camper under your current Auto Insurance policy as a camper trailer. Typically the cost will be lower and makes it for an easier update.