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Condo insurance protects condo units while also providing both personal liability coverage and living expense coverage if a condo becomes uninhabitable.

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Your condo association’s master policy, or HOA policy, will cover damage to your condo building, grounds and other external features. Your condo insurance policy will cover your personal possessions, appliances, and sometimes installed fixtures and other attached features in the unit.

A typical condo insurance policy provides coverage for the following categories:

  • Building property: the unit itself, including walls and fixtures
  • Personal property: furniture, electronics and other movable goods
  • Personal liability: legal expenses from claims or lawsuits against you
  • Loss of use: costs of lodging/transport if unit is uninhabitable
  • Loss assessment: your portion of any losses shared out by the association


Also, additional coverages like Loss assessment, are good things to consider including. Loss assessment insurance, also called special assessment coverage, is an optional coverage that you can add to a condo insurance policy. It covers situations in which the unit owners in a condominium are financially responsible for a shared loss, so long as the issue was a covered peril.


A strong storm damages the roof and community swimming pool of your condo building and the damage ends up costing the association more than it has set aside. Special assessment coverage will pay for whatever individual share the unit owners must contribute to make up the difference.

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