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Chances are your home is your most valuable investment, and one you likely can’t afford to replace if disaster strikes. That’s why protecting yourself with homeowners insurance is so important.

Your Home is your Castle

Your homeowners policy protects you against different risks that could damage your house or property. Burns Insurance Group will help find coverage for your home, your personal possessions, and most importantly, your loved ones - at a reasonable price.

A homeowners policy is made up of several types of coverage — some that are included automatically and others that you can choose to add as optional coverage.


  • Water backup coverage: Covers damage caused by a burst pipe or other issues related to your abode’s plumbing.*Note that this coverage does not cover flash floods, only water that comes from the ground up.*
  • Enhanced dwelling protection: This optional coverage protects your house’s structure. If there is a spike in the cost of construction, having enhanced dwelling coverage helps ensure you don’t have to dip into your savings to rebuild your home.
  • Identity theft expense coverage: Helps reimburse you for expenses you incur while recovering from identity theft.
  • Scheduled personal property endorsement: Covers high-end items that exceed your regular personal property limits, such as jewelry or fine art.

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Answers to Commonly asked Questions: Homeowners insurance

To determine your home insurance price, insurers typically look at the following: Rebuilding cost of your home. Age of your home. Distance between your home and the nearest water source. Fire protection rating of your city. Your claims history and the claims history of others in your neighborhood. Your coverages, limits and deductible. Items meant for fun or recreation that pose major injury risk, such as pools or trampolines.

You usually want coverage limits that are at least 50% of your dwelling coverage amount. However, you can lower this limit if needed or purchase extra coverage if you think the limit isn’t enough to cover your belongings.

Rates for homeowners insurance are the highest in Florida, Texas, and Louisiana.

Yes. Each time you receive a claims check, your insurer subtracts your deductible amount. For instance, if you have a $1,000 deductible and file a claim for roof repairs for $12,000, your insurer would issue a payment of $11,000. You would be responsible for the remaining $1,000.

Replacement cost coverage — the more expensive option — does not factor in depreciation when reimbursing you for stolen or damaged personal items. It pays to replace your belongings with new, similar items, up to your coverage limit. Actual cash value, on the other hand, bases claims payments on the depreciated value of your belongings. In other words, you get back the amount your valuables were worth at the time of the loss. Actual cash value is cheaper but offers less coverage. Keep these differences in mind when making this decision.

Flood damage is typically excluded under homeowners and renters insurance policies. Flood coverage is available as a separate policy both from the National Flood Insurance Program and from a few private insurers.

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