Covering the Classics

There is no clear definition of a classic car, but if your car’s current value exceeds its original selling price and is older than 25 years old, then it’s likely a classic car — and qualifies for a classic car insurance policy.

Complete coverage for your Collector Car

Specialty insurers provide the best coverage for classic cars. Like most types of insurance, classic car insurance policy have small differences that can make one policy a better fit than another. Let us help find the right coverage for your classic car.

Special Requirements of Classic Car Insurance

  • Limited use requirements: A classic car can’t be your primary vehicle, and there may be maximum usage and mileage requirements. Many policies also include travel restrictions, so if you’re planning on driving your car often (or even sporadically to car shows), ensure that you purchase a policy that permits it.
  • Secure storage requirements: Classic car policies often require that your vehicle be kept in a locked garage or storage unit.
  • Good driver requirements: To qualify for a classic car insurance policy, you need to have a clean driving record; insurance companies won’t issue policies if you have serious offenses on your driving record.

Vehicles That may need Classic Car Insurance