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Don't waste your time trying to find the best insurance at the best price. We work with over 20 trusted insurance carriers and we can easily compare pricing and coverage.

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You will get the lowest rate and best coverage. Best of all, our services do not cost you anything. You save time and money.

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We will review your policies annually to see if we can find you a better rate and to make sure that your coverage needs haven't changed.

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Call us to learn more about saving 30% by bundling your home and auto insurance.

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    Persons injured in vehicle crashes in Texas in 2018

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    Uninsured Motorist in DFW

    Why People Love Burns Insurance

    Burns Insurance makes it easy to insure the things that are most important to you. Our office is centrally located in Grapevine making it convenient to stop by or we can meet with you in your home to discuss your insurance needs.

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